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Tree Trimming and Grooming To Beautify Your Property

Serving residential and commercial clients in and around Irvine, California, Progressive Tree Care performs tree grooming, trimming, and removal, as well as stump grinding and other tree and shrub services.

About Our Services

With our free initial consultation, we determine your tree service needs. If you decide to move forward, we will agree on a contract and proceed with your project. We also offer recurring services for clients who want regular work done on their yard, and follow-up appointments on one-time projects to make sure the service was completed successfully.

Benefits Of Our Services

Having a well-groomed yard or garden can make your home more beautiful and comfortable, or make your business more attractive to potential customers. By grooming your trees and clearing away diseased trees, we allow your yard to live up to its aesthetic potential and open up room for healthy flora to grow and thrive.

Tree in Front Of House

Two Trees

Tree Trimming

We start by cleaning dead areas and overly leafy areas from the tree to give it form and shape and make it look presentable. By focusing only on the damaged parts of the tree, we preserve as much of it as possible, doing our best to keep it alive.

Tree Removal

If you have a diseased tree that simply can't be healed, a tree that is obstructing power lines or negatively affecting your property, or a tree has become dangerously large, we can help. Tree removal is a last resort, but sometimes it may be necessary. By removing dangerous or diseased trees, we provide you with security and help you avoid hazards.

View Trimming

View trimming is for when trees or shrubs are blocking views on your property. It's also often necessary when your trees or plants are obstructing somebody else's property, but it can also be used for cosmetic services to clear overgrown plants.